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Mainly produces three series of Plasticizer, Sulfonates products and Pharmaceutical intermediates.

Products are widely used in the field of engineering plastics modification

    • N-Butyl benzene sulfonamide(N-BBSA)

      CAS NO.: 3622-84-2
      Assay %:≥99.0%
      Molecular formula:C10H15NO2S
      Uses:Plasticizer of Polyamide and cellulose resin, used in latex adhesives, hot melt adhesives, printing inks and surface coatings.
      Packing:200KG galvanized pail or plastic coated metal pail.

    • Plasticizer JZ-218

      1.Improve the adhesion of products, flexibility, smoothness, softness and anti-aging properties, Has good low temperature performance, can improve the plasticity of products and extend product life.
      2. Good thermal stability, the products with this product as additive will not change color in high temperature conditions.




    Sulfonates products


    Pharmaceutical intermediates


    Suzhou Jinzhong Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded on Jan. of 1995. The company is located on the north of Suzhou city. And the manufacturer locates on the Jiangsu Changshu Advanced Materials Industrial Park (AMIP) with the floor area of 70,000m2 and standard workshop of 50,000m2 . The AMIP have complete public facilities to support the manufacturing. On 2002, we got the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system successfully.

    Geographic location

    The plant 120 Km West of Shanghai, along the Yangtze river.Our neighbor:Arkema, Daikin, Dupont, Solvay, KUREHA , 3F Shanghai, etc.

    Research & Development

    We currently have one R&D center and four chemical engineers. We equips several 5 gas chromatography, 1 liquid chromatograph and 180 reaction kettles.

    Production advantage

    BBSA raw material produce by ourselves, Better quality control, good quality of BBSA. Yearly yield of BBSA is 6000 Tons.

    More than 10 years business with Arkema SuZhou, Evonic Shanghai and EMS CHEMIE AG etc. More business in future…

    Cooperative customers

    We invested 7 million Yuan in the building of medium scale sewage treatment workshop (5,000 Tons/day), thus we are able to get coordinated development both of production and environmental protection.

    Production Environment

    "Human orient, Good management system, Keeping innovation, Expanding market, sustainable development" is our quality policy. We will manage our company regularly through modern management system.

    Our Commitments

    years of persistence--

    "Human orient, Good management system, Keeping
    innovation, Expanding market, sustainable development"


    Add:No.75 Xinzhuang Avenue, Suzhou (Changshu), Jiangsu Province

    Add of Marketing Center : No.75 Xinzhuang Avenue, Suzhou (Changshu), Jiangsu Province
    P.C.:215562 Contact:Guozhong Zhu
    Tel:+86-512-65998862 , 65998863





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